Premarital Legal Counseling

Unfortunately, many of our divorce clients often comment on how easy it is to get married, but how difficult and expensive it can be… While no one marries his or her spouse with the expectation of getting a divorce, statistics continue to show that roughly one-half (1/2) of all marriages end in divorce. Therefore, it […]

Get to Know the Requirements for Common-Law Marriage in Alabama

Common Law Common Law marriage is one of the most misunderstood areas in domestic relations. Most people believe that after a certain amount of time, they are automatically considered married in the eyes of the Alabama law. This is not the case. Alabama law does recognize common-law marriage, it requires more than time and living […]

What Is Cohabitation?

Cohabitation Cohabitation has become extremely common in today’s society. There are no specific domestic relations laws in Alabama governing the rights of unmarried couples, who choose to live together. Most of the legal issues that arise from cohabitation are resolved through contract law. property law, and/or landlord-tenant laws. Cohabitation agreements can determine financial arrangements, clarify […]

8 Reasons to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial or Antenuptial A written contract between two people who are about to marry, setting out the terms of possession of assets, treatment of future earnings, control of the property of each, and potential division if the marriage is later dissolved. Eight reasons¬† to consider a Prenuptial agreement: 1. You are much wealthier than your […]