Unfortunately, many of our divorce clients often comment on how easy it is to get married, but how difficult and expensive it can be…

While no one marries his or her spouse with the expectation of getting a divorce, statistics continue to show that roughly one-half (1/2) of all marriages end in divorce. Therefore, it is important that everyone who gets married learns how marriage will affect his or her legal rights and responsibilities.

Regrettably, too few couples obtain premarital legal counseling to learn about important concepts such as separate and marital property, child support and spousal support, and about how their actions during the marriage may affect those rights in ways that they may not think possible nor even be aware of.

The goal of premarital counseling is not to encourage parties to enter into a prenuptial agreement. For many couples such an agreement may be extremely valuable, but for others would be nothing but an unnecessary expense. Rather, our goal is to ensure that the couple obtains legal advice about their marital rights and obligations which commence the moment the wedding is over and the guests are on their way home.

By understanding their common goals, differences and how marriage will change their legal rights, a couple is better able to act and undertake the lifetime of commitment and partnership that are required to make their marriage successful. Moreover, premarital legal counseling challenges both parties to engage in open and clear communication from the outset and thereby enables them to build a strong foundation upon which their marriage can flourish.

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